Four O'Clock, Paradise Time (+forfilm)


Syriske filmdager

Seven fates intersect in war-torn Damascus: The young, married Maya is in the hospital with terminal cancer. She is visited by Hani, her former teacher and lover, who was recently released from prison. Maya’s father, an official of the Assad government, disturbs the togetherness. Maya’s friends Hala and Naya quarrel over Hala’s lover Kinan, a disgruntled regime opponent. In Maya’s room is also the cancerous Dersem. Their husband Bachir has no money for medication and therefore desperately tries to sell his kidney. Maya’s father leaves the city to kill himself, but meets Sobhi, who has to take his pregnant wife to the hospital, and reluctantly takes them away. Majd wants to flee to Saudi Arabia with his family, but his wife fears losing her rights there. The young dancer Lila is looking forward to her first ballet appearance and also invites the nice soldiers from the roadblock next door. However, it will never come to its debut.
Artfully constructed, but realistically filmed insight into life in the midst of the ruins of the torn Syria from the civil war.

Short film: A Spring has passed by
The winds of change have passed by and were called the Arab Spring. He is a man swept by the blowing winds that had taken all that’s dear to him and left him with invisible remnants imprinted deep into his soul.