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Horror of Dracula

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Dracula Storbritannia 1958 Regi Terence Fisher Med Peter Cushing, Christoper Lee, Michael Gough, Melissa Stribling, Carol Marsh 1t 22m DCP Engelsk tale, utekstet Aldersgrense 15 år

Horror of Dracula is a 1958 Hammer Horror film directed by Terence Fisher. Its official British title is simply Dracula, but to avoid confusion, it was released in the U.S. as Horror of Dracula. It stars Christopher Lee as the eponymous Count and Peter Cushing as Van Helsing, roles for which both actors would be remembered forever afterward. Lee would later come to resent his role because of increasingly inferior sequels and typecasting.

A very loose adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel, the film opens with Jonathan Harker (John Van Eyssen) arriving at Castle Dracula, ostensibly to begin work as a librarian. In fact, he has come to destroy Dracula, but the plan falls through and he becomes a victim of the Count. Shortly thereafter, Van Helsing arrives to investigate, quickly learning that Harker has been turned into a vampire and that the Count has moved out from his castle in search of more prey—which he soon finds, in the person of Harker's fiancée, Lucy Holmwood (Carol Marsh). Can Van Helsing, with the help of Lucy's brother Arthur (Michael Gough), track Dracula down and bring an end to his reign of terror?

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