Poilsiautojai: Pavydo zaidynes


Three teams are selected to be participants of the games “Holidaymakers: The Jealousy games”: company of young guys, family with children and an elderly couple. Their goal is to have a holiday which everyone in Lithuania would be jealous for.

The participants expect to be flown to some exotic country but they find out that they will have to stay in Lithuanian resorts: Palanda, Nida and Šventoji. All teams get unfortunate from the beginning but they still smile to the cameras and pretend they are having a blast.

To make matters worse, their vacation is being interfered by the host of the show Antakalnis who is a real jealousy expert. And he is hard to please. Finally, an unexpected event turns everything upside down.

Lithuanian language, English subtitles
Agelimit: 18


Lithuanian language, English subtitles