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Image-Vampire Projections: A seminar with screenings (gratis)

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Following the screening of Blacula (1972), from Chapter III 'The Image-Vampire, with a frequency' of the Vampiric Projections, Oscar Debs is giving an artist talk as a seminar, with screenings of excerpts from episodes of 2 TV series: Joe Ahearne's Ultraviolet (1998) and Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan's The Strain (2014-2017). Some other excerpts might be included.

This cinema curation project between Oscar Debs and Cinemateket Trondheim has its origin in an ongoing film essay by Debs, titled Vampiric Reflections. The latter is comprised of scenes from films and TV series (some of them are vampire works, others vampiric), and of a voice-over analyzing the attributes/mobility of vampires. Debs examines and weaves through the various main tropes of vampirism - and expands on them. In particular, the project aims to construct a deviating vampire universe. The deviation in question concerns the vampire image, namely 2: the camera image (still and moving), and the mirror reflection.

The seminar will focus on how such an image comes about, if/when it does. Whereas Blacula features the capture of the vampire on camera in one scene, Ultraviolet, with its vampire chasers, seems to be centered on it. In The Strain, an exceptional mirror reflection/image is observed.

More information to follow soon...stay tuned.

The event is free of charge! Velkommen!

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